Using Criticism to Lead Effectively

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“Wisdom puts more strength in one wise person than ten strong men give to a city.” (Ecclesiastes 7:19 MSG)

If you are totally honest can you say that you are truly happy with your style of leadership or are there things you could change? Family, work, personal, marriage, parenting are all areas of leadership. Can you do better in any of these areas? If so, how and why?

Most people will say they have things in their life they should be doing, but they are not doing them. So why, why don’t we do the things we KNOW we are supposed to be doing?

Not having enough time in our life is usually the excuse used for not achieving your goals. Have you thought about how you can change this?

One simple way to start reaching your leadership goals is to become a happier person. Happiness breeds success, and this is something that you should remember AT ALL TIMES. Don’t wait to “become” successful in the hopes of finding happiness, it does not work that way. You do not “become” successful. It actually works the other way around. Happiness breeds success.

So how do you become happier? The easiest way to live a happier life is by knowing yourself. Knowing oneself mutes criticism and shifts negative energy towards building others and problem-solving. Knowing oneself and having confidence in one’s abilities stifles passivity.

More and more people are suffering from father wounds, spiritual hurts and life struggle that cause “aches and pains.” By changing the inward view of who you are, you can change the outside view of the hurts and struggles. Do not concern yourself with what people think of you or what people say about you. What matters most is how you use outside criticism to improve YOU (Your Outlook and Understanding). Henry J. Kaiser once said, “Problems are only opportunities in work clothes.”  So look at criticism as:

  1. God-given opportunities to do His work
  2. An avenue for you to complete your God-given assignment.
  3. An outward expression of an inward struggle that you are equipped to solve.

As your happiness increases, you will find that you become a better leader in everything you do. You feel more successful, and you will have the energy and drive to reach those goals you have set for yourself, and you will have the energy and drive to help others succeed. But, your first step is to promise yourself that you will take action to get to better know yourself. And better your leadership and happiness along the way!


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