7 Ways to Lead Organized


Your willpower is a muscle which can become tired quite quickly. Follow the following tips to learn how to develop your willpower without suffering from burnout.

Set one goal at a time – Even though you may have multiple goals only work on one at a time. It is best to start with a small goal first and then work your way up to larger goals.

Deal with stress first – It will be much easier for you to reach your goals and stay on track when you are feeling less stressed out. Your first step should be to identify and deal with your stressors.

Have clear goals – If you write down goals that are ambiguous or too large, you will not be successful. Instead, break down a larger goal into smaller segments and then define each one clearly.

Be aware of your actions – It is so easy to lose track of time by focusing on non-specific items such as surfing the internet for hours with no clear goal in mind. Instead look at what you are doing and determine your reasons why.

Create a to-do list – Just the act of writing down what you have to accomplish each day will help you stay focused. When you know a task is unfinished, you are more likely to become complacent. This complacency happens because your brain realizes the task is still there, but you have mentally set the priority of the task as low. But because in your heart you know the task is important, the “voices in your head” remind you to GET IT FINISHED. Use your list to cross off items once completed, so you feel a sense of accomplishment at getting them done.

Set routines – By giving yourself a timetable to get things done you are improving your willpower and self-discipline. This is the best way to create new habits as well. For example, if you get up at 6 am to exercise every day within 3 weeks this will have become a habit. You will automatically get up ready to workout without questioning your actions.

Tackle hard things first thing – As a leader, do not wait to tackle the hard things before the easy stuff. Address the hard things in your life, business, family or leadership influence first. One approach is to use your early morning energy to deal with these issues. It is a well-known theory that willpower or inner strength is at its strongest first thing in the morning. Plan your day to get the difficult leadership choices done during this period.

Start incorporating the above 7 methods into your life now and you will find your willpower, inner strength, and leadership abilities become stronger quickly.


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